Debug.log() Formatting

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting at Unity's console as hundreds of messages scroll by, trying to catch the needle in the haystack, I have good news. You can use Rich Text markup in Debug.log() strings to make things easier to spot at a glance.

Surround text in html style <b></b> tags to make it bold, or <color=#00ff00ff></color> to make it coloured.

The colour value can be defined either as a named colour from a built in list, or an RGBA hex code.

Debug.Log("<b>Bold text</b>");

Debug.Log("<color=lime>Coloured text!</color>");

Debug.Log("<color=#ff00ffff><b>Bold and Coloured text!</b></color>");

Image showing more coloured debug text. Shows the output of the above code sample

Tip: If, like me, you want to display success and failure messages you may find the red and green named colours hard to read. Try orange and lime instead :)

Happy coding!