Slow but steady progress with building the skeleton. I chose a hellknight model from Doom 3, seemed like good topology although the shape of the model will restict things like raising the arms above the head.

For some reason i’m nervous of mirroring all the joints because… actually I don’t know why.

There is lots of oppertunity to get fancy with this mesh. The legs bend in three places and the head is in a kind of socket so i structered it similarly to the wrist in the hope I will be able to make it rotate properly.

I’ve also for better or worse given him double knees and elbows. It’s the least he deservers, poor guy doesn’t have any eyes.

Been catching up on the GUI scripting which I missed last week. I was stuck for a while getting the window to delete itself but it was just me being silly. The majority of the code seems straight forward.